Entertaining is made easy when you let our Bakery do the work. Choose from a large selection of favorites.
No matter if the group is large or small, we can provide all your party needs. Selections can be picked up hot or cold.

Artisan Breads
Multi Grain Bread

Multi Grain Bread
Hearty, dense and crunchy with a slightly sweet crust.

  • Flax Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Hulled Millet
  • Parisian

    A classic French bread with a crusty outside. 

  • Soft, Dense & Chewy Inside
  • Bolillo Rolls

    Bolillo Rolls
    A traditional Mexican sandwich roll.

  • Savory
  • Soft Inside
  • Cheesy Breadsticks

    Cheesy Breadsticks
    Hand-rolled in cheddar cheese.

  • Delicious and Convenient
  • Italian

    Soft, dense and chewy inside. Made without shortening or sugar.

  • Lower In Sodium than many breads
  • Portuguese

    A Mediterranean style bread made with wheat and corn flour.

  • Crusty Outside
  • Chewy Inside
  • Telera Rolls

    Telera Rolls
    Our take on the original Mexican sandwich roll. 

  • Subtly Sweet
  • Thin Light Crust
  • Focaccia

    Deliciously brushed with Olive Oil and seasoned with savory herbs.  

  • Flat Oven Baked Italian Bread
  • Sourdough Square

    Sourdough Square
    Perfect for toast and sandwiches. Available in regular or cracked wheat.

  • Unique Tangy Flavor

  • Sweet Treats

    Cream Cheese, Turtle, Plain & German Chocolate Rich Chocolate Brownies are frosted in a variety of flavors to satisfy every craving.

    Rolls & Donuts

    Rolls & Donuts
    Flavors Galore! Choose from over 20 varieties including Long Johns, cake, iced, jelly, custard & glazed.

    Muffins & Cupcakes

    Muffins & Cupcakes
    Early morning meeting or family gathering, we bake a large delicious variety for you.

    Fresh Baked Fruit Pies

    Fresh Baked Fruit Pies
    Apple, Cherry Are just a few of the large selection that we carry.


    M&M, Monster, Chocolate Chip Are just a few of our favorites.


    Snickers, Carrot, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. A large selection of variety cakes are just a few of the tantalizing flavors available for you to choose from.

    Photo Cakes & Decorated Cakes

    Photo Cakes & Decorated Cakes
    Toy truck cakes, toy princess, many other varieties! Great idea for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and many other occasions.
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    Wedding Cakes

    Wedding Cakes
    Your special day will always be remembered with your individually designed wedding cake. Ask the bakery cake stylist for assistance.
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    Ice Cream Cakes

    Ice Cream Cakes
    Ice Cream Cakes are now available at your local Cash Wise. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors and can be found in the bakery section.

    Party Cakes

    Sweeten any occasion with a beautiful, custom-made cake! Find out more »

    Wedding Cakes

    Our professional decorators are here to help you create your perfect wedding cake. Find out more »

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