Bulk Foods

Bulk Foods

Saving you money, when you only buy what you need

Fruity treats, salty snacks, spices, coffee, dog treats and more our Bulk Foods departments at Cash Wise make sit easy to get what you want and only the amount you need.

Step 1 - Grab a Bag

Step 1

Tear off a plastic bag from dispenser.

Step 2 - Scoop It

Step 2

Using scoops or gloves provided
to measure out the amout you need.

Step 3 - Bag It

Step 3

Scoop in the bulk items into your bag.

Step 4 - Grab a Tag

Step 4

Remove a tag from the dispenser.

Step 5 - Number the Tag

Step 5

Using the provided pen, write the number
from the Bulk Foods sign onto the tag.

Step 6 - Seal the Bag

Step 6

Using the tag, wrap it
around the neck of the bag and secure.

Step 7 - Weigh the Bag

Step 7

We provide scales in the Bulk Foods department
so that you know how much you are buying
and can estimate cost accordingly.

Step 8 - Buy It

Step 8

Simply place the bulk bag on
the register belt with your other purchases.
If you are using self-checkout
you will enter the number from the tag and
weigh your product on the scale provided.

Step 9 - Repeat

Step 9

We hope to see you back
at any one of our Bulk Foods departments
to stock up on Dog Treats, Single Serv Coffees,
Spices, Snacks, Candy and more!

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